A little bit ago I was talking with good friend who happens to not be particularly religious, about my religious beliefs.  I explained that despite all our frustration and heartbreak, I just knew that there was a reason for it and that God had a plan for us.  She was having a hard time understanding why in the world any higher power would want to cause pain to people who were trying to help others.  Even though I answered her with confidence at the time, “There is a reason, and some day it will become clear to me what that reason is”, it was a question that haunted me for some time.  In fact, this post has been written, re-written, and saved in my drafts for months. 

It took a lot of faith to get through this year, but through falling tears I can assure you that I was right.  I needed to experience that wait to fully appreciate the joy that now fills my life.  It was worth it.  It was all worth it.

2 Comments to “Why?”

  1. I continue to admire your strength and faith. Sprout and Rosebud and you and A were meant to be together at this time, and I am so happy that the four of you have found your way to one another.

  2. It’s so peaceful when it all comes together, isn’t it? You can almost literally hear the click of pieces falling into place. So glad and this beautiful time of year your puzzle came together.

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