The post I shouldn’t write

Well, we are about 4 days into our first placement and its going so much better than expected (see why I shouldnt write this? I totally just jinxed myself).  We prepared ourselves for the worst but have been pleasantly surprised with age-appropriate, generally pleasant behavior!  Sprout got a bit overstimulated yesterday afternoon when we went to Wal.mart and the grocery store back to back and we had some tears when mean mommy said no to chocolate.  But, redirection works wonders with this kid.  Also, we’re working a lot on matching his feeling with words so he has the tools to express himself when he’s feeling overwhelmed.  Overall, Sprout is a very happy, go with the flow child and the moments of boundary testing are entirely expected for his age and situation.  

Because he was removed from a prior foster home for his behavior, his so.cial wor.ker immediately put supports in place so we’ll be having a behavior therapist coming to the house to work on dis.cipline techn.iques.  I’m excited for this in a geeky kind of way, lol.  Beh.avior modificat.ion was my favorite class in grad school so I can’t wait to hear the therapist’s ideas.  I also think it’ll be great for A since she hasn’t been exposed to behavi.or mod per se – though I already see her implementing a lot of similar techniques.  Sprout will also be attending pla.y ther.apy to support our efforts at verbalizing feelings.   It’ll be great for him, especially since he really thrives on one-on-one attention.  I just hope she has a table, because as he told us over dinner last night, he “mostly likes to talk about feelings at the dinner table only, thank you please”.  hehehe. This kid makes us smile non-stop!

Rosebud continues to be as cute as can be.  She’s a super snuggler who only gets mad when we dare put her in her crib.  I don’t mind, though, I’m getting my fill of baby snuggles knowing she won’t be this little forever.  Not to mention, the consistent close contact will promote attachment (or, at least that’s the excuse I’ll be using, lol!) – I even got my first smile yesterday.  A huge gummy grin that made my heart a puddle on the floor.   That was all I needed to know we are doing just fine by her.

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8 Comments to “The post I shouldn’t write”

  1. This sounds so amazing. The kids sound adorable and sweet. I continue to be so happy for you two….or four! Enjoy and keep posting.

  2. It sounds like things are going well, that is wonderful! I am so glad you already have support in place, it will make a big difference. I hope there isn’t too much fallout from the visit.

  3. yea! I hope things continue so swimmingly.

  4. YAYYYY!!! I’m so happy for you! How old is Rosebud???

  5. Thanks all!

    Rosebud is 7 weeks old!

  6. Oh my goodness!! You know you have to email me now, right?

  7. I have not been by to visit you two in a very long time it seems. You have 2 new additions!!! Holy cow! Big congrats on your little ones. I’m thrilled for you.

  8. I am so happy to read this! Congrats a million times over for getting through that hellacious (sp?) process and providing such a wonderful, loving home for the two little ones!

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