4 Weeks

Today marks 4 weeks that we’ve been licensed and waiting for a match.  As with everything I’ve experienced this past year, I never would have believed it would take this long for placement.  4 weeks with only one call is simply mind-blowing.  I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that it is December and our nursery is still empty.  Most of the time I’m not angry. Or even sad. Just shocked.

That being said, there is a development on the horizon that has softened the blow of the wait.  I’ve made mention to it in my password protected posts, but in the interest of keeping everyone updated, I’m excited to share that a baby might (emphasis on MIGHT) be joining our family soon.  Here’s the brief and vague, names-changed-to-protect-the-innocent summary:

An acquaintance of an acquaintance of an acquaintance knows a teen who is pregnant and is receiving services from the state.  “Receiving services” is the PC way of saying that the state is involved in ensuring the welfare of the unborn child and will be involved in the care of the baby once its born.  It’s unclear to me at this point why exactly the state is involved (generally they don’t get involved until after the child is born) – but, it may have to do with the mother testing positive for drug use, or planning to take advantage of the state’s Sa.fe Have.n Laws. 

In any event, it appears to be imminent that the State will be taking custody of the baby once its born.  In situations such as this, the social worker will often ask the bio mom if she knows of any family or friends who might be interested in taking custody of the child.  Well, we’ve been told that this bio mom has given our name as a potential placement.  And not only as a foster placement, but as a pre-adoptive placement…or so we’re told.

Wow.  If we weren’t so intimately familiar with the state and its unpredictability we would be jumping up and down, crying, and shouting our newly-expecting status from the rooftops.  I mean, this is an update of the most incredible kind.  But, we are intimately familiar with how “these things” can change at a moments notice.  So, we are proceeding with ever-so-guarded hearts and the knowledge that many little things must fall into place before we can rejoice this maybe, possible, might-be miracle.

So for now this is just a pipe dream (is dream even the word? so many things about this story are nothing short of a tragedy).  But even if nothing ever comes of this, the possibility is helping the days go by.

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5 Comments to “4 Weeks”

  1. I really REALLY hope this means a baby in your nursery …soon. Thinking about you!

  2. I am so sorry you have to endure more waiting. I understand how painful it can be. I am hoping the right call comes very soon.

  3. We waited 2 months for our first placement. It was really hard! But she was definately worth the wait!

  4. This all sounds very promising and I hope a little someone finds a happy home in your nursery very soon.

    I thought I had your password and have tried to use it on several of your posts but have had no luck. Do you mind sending it to me again?


  5. Crap, this comment was supposed to be for the next post. Sorry!

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