That sucked

We just got our first placement call.  And I turned it down.

4yr old twins.  Despite having some serious issues, we were considering taking the placement.  However they currently attend daycare in a town 30+ minutes away (even further from where we work) and the sw didnt want to remove them; it’s the one positive thing in their life and they want to keep them there if at all possible.  The distance would just be too much every day, and A has a fairly firm under 3 rule, but I did tell her to call back if they couldnt find anyone else.  Ultimately, though, these children don’t need stressed-out-driving-too-much foster parents.  Saying no was the best thing for us, and them.

I was nearly in tears talking to the matcher (especially after hearing their story) and felt terrible about saying no, but she was really sweet and assured me that she’d be calling again shortly.  cry

2 Comments to “That sucked”

  1. I’m sorry you had to turn it down, but the right child(ren) will come along for you. Hugs to you and A.

  2. Saying no is so painful, especially when it’s your first call. We did it and it sucked. I cried like a baby. The right call is coming, I swear it! Big hugs to you!

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