Yesterday Andrea got home before me, grabbed the mail, and noticed a thick envelope addressed to us from D.CF.  Excited, she speed-dialed me with one hand and tore open the envelope with the other…

To discover that we’ve been invited to the f.oster parent & kid holiday party. hmmm. 

My feelings over this were twofold.  1) It’s a good sign that they think we may have a kid to bring to the holiday party, and yay for making it onto the state’s fo.ster parent mailing list. but then 2) if they have so much gosh darn time that they can mail out holiday invitations in OCTOBER then perhaps they should be reviewing these home.studies a little faster, huh?!?

That envelope should have been addressed to Bitter Betty.

3 Comments to “Interesting”

  1. I would have been annoyed and bitter too.Your process is a perfect example of why the system is so screwed up. We need homes for these children first! Hugs to you.

  2. Did you guys see the billboard on the highway near your house (also near the college)? It says something to the effect of “Become a foster parent! Kids are waiting!” I nearly drove off the rode, I was just so mad. I guess they didn’t get the memo that foster families are waiting too.

  3. Yes!! I drove by that dang sign yesterday and it made my blood boil. grrr. i hate all the commercials on TV too.

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