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September 30, 2009

This might actually happen

Just as I was feeling down about it being the last day of the month in which we were promised to be licensed and yet not having a license, or child,  in my home, I received this email…


 I submitted your case for licensure and I’m waiting for the social wo.rk supervisor and program super.visor to give it their final approval.  We expect you both to be fully lic.ensed within the next 2 weeks!!!!  Every thing looks very good at this point.  Unfortunately, our department has been incredibly overwhelmed and we’ve all been very, very busy.  So, give us a couple more weeks and you’ll SOON BE GETTING CALLS FROM US!!!


Our hope for an October placement might actually happen!  Also? How awesome are those exclamation points, bolded and capital letters?  Now you all can understand why I love our new SW – its clear that she actually cares!

It’s a new year, indeed.

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