Writing Assignment

Discovered over on Don’t lick the ferrets, I decided to take a stab at a little writing assignment.  If you are reading this, and would like to give it a whirl, be sure to leave a comment so I can check it out!  

I am the one who has dreams wider than the ocean but plays it safe and follows the line.

I admit I am critical, jealous, and competitive – but these things don’t define me, they simply remind me that I’ll always have work to do.

I have chosen to live my life openly, with pride and without fear. 

I may never be a size 2, run a five minute mile, or make it into Mensa, but the goals I have for myself are so much bigger than all of those things.  I want to grow old with the woman I feel in love with when I was 16. I want to kiss a scraped knee. I want to make my parents proud.

When I check inside I am happy with what I see.  I see a person who is constantly striving, evolving – a person who knows who she is, but also where she’d like to go. 

I believe in the power of nature, prayer, and silence.  I believe that there are so many things bigger than I am and that I’m blessed to have found my place.  I believe that my job here is to help, and to love, all that I’m able. 

I pay attention to people, feelings, unspoken words, and all the silent stories that those around me are trying to tell.

I want to be remembered for lending a hand, warm hugs, long conversations, rocking to sleep, never giving up, inspiring.

I have never been unsure of what I was meant to do, or be, just unsure of how to get there.

I am still learning how to put myself last, and also first.  How to strive without competing.  How to help without hindering.  How to be at peace with where I am, while keeping the motivation to get where I’m going.  How to make a good cup of coffee.    

I am a work in progress, just as I’ll always be.

One Comment to “Writing Assignment”

  1. Beautiful, but I do not think you give yourself enough credit. You’re a great person just as you are. (hugs)

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