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September 17, 2009

I’m in tears

happy ones, that is.

The (allegedly) final piece of documentation needed for our file was the missing third page from a recommendation I received from my boss.  Granted I’ve already faxed this paper 3 times, but somehow it was still missing when our new, and fabulous, SW reviewed the file.  Much angst ensued earlier in the week when I couldn’t find my copy of this paper – apparently I had misplaced it somewhere between home, work, and the fax machine, after sending it all those times.   I begrudgingly had to ask my boss if she  happened to have a copy of it on hand, which she didn’t, and then I felt even worse about having to ask her to fill it out again.   But being the kind and easy going person she is, she completed the form for the second time, scanned and emailed it to the SW, and even spoke with her to confirm receipt. 

I just finished reading over the recommendation and I’m absolutely blown away by the kind things she said.  There’s no way I’m losing this one.  My goodness…I have so many great people in my life.