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September 16, 2009

How true it is

Today I met my wife for a lunch date at our favorite Chinese food restaurant.¬† My favorite part of the meal is the fortune cookie, well besides the company that is ūüėȬ† Fortune cookies and I have a strange bond – they always end up being very applicable to my life.¬† For example, when we were in the throes of house hunting¬†I recieved a fortune stating “You will soon find yourself settled into a beautiful new home”.¬†¬†Unusually specific for a fortune cookie, right?¬† As it turned out, within the month we purchased and moved into our current home – and that fortune has been rewarded with a framed spot in the office for making good on his word.

Today’s message: “Determination will get you through this hard time”

I can only hope that in a year from now I will look back on that message (framed in the nursery perhaps?) and feel as fulfilled and happy as I do now with our home.