Party Planning

House 209

This weekend is Andrea’s 30th bday party and i think I’ve just about gotten all the plans in place.  Park is rented, RSVPs are in, catering order has been placed, updated, and confirmed, ddecorations are purchased (though after scoping out the site, I’m gonna need to pick up a few more table cloths), and my fridge is stocked with soda and beer!  I even did a little trial run of the candy buffet I’m planning (see above). 

I LOVE party planning.  And I can’t help but envision that the next birthday party I’ll be planning may be for a little one.  You think this is overboard? just wait 😉

3 Comments to “Party Planning”

  1. eeek you’re stressing me out a little for Chris’s 30th 😉 Want to come plan!?

  2. I know everything will be perfect. Have the best time 🙂

  3. well planned party!

    Nice candy buffet. What’s the main theme of this party?

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