Coming up for air

Oh my goodness! Five days with no post! That’s just not like me 😉

Not to worry, I am alive…though just barely. Reason #1 for the lack of posts is that my silly employer decided this was not a site needed for work and blocked it.  big boo to them. Reason #2 is that not only did aforementioned employer strip me of my blogging access, they also stripped me of any spare moment I would have to, i don’t know…breathe?, with the workload I’m currently carrying.  And finally Reason #3 relates to the fact that any time I haven’t been working in the past 5 days, I’ve been spending doing battle with a terrible headache – and that included staying far, far away from the computer. whew, good thing that’s passed…Andrea was about to make me go to the doctor!

Now you’re up to date and I will, hopefully, resume normal blogging shortly. But for now, its off to a picnic we go!

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