I shouldn’t have expected anything more

Perhaps I’m just bitter, but wouldn’t you agree that this is an entirely inadequate response to the email I sent?

Hello Mrs. S:
Your study was completed by CAF.AP and reviewed by Supervisor X. It was returned for revisions to CA.FAP.  Your study is suppose to be returned to SW X for review again by the end of this month.
 Foster Supervisor
Come on now. I already know that its bouncing back and forth between the agencies, what I asked was when the h*ll I could expect a placement.  The only thing this email tells me is that it wont be this month. 

3 Comments to “I shouldn’t have expected anything more”

  1. …and it tells you that Foster Supervisor doesn’t know it’s “supposed” and not “suppose.”

    Totally inadequate! So sorry for you. Hopefully next month will be it.

  2. yeah, that was like the fun little cherry on top. ugh

  3. UGH! How freaking frustrating. This is why children languish in our system. These people prevent homes from becoming placement ready. I am so sorry. The whole system is in need of an overhaul. Big hugs to you!

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