Ten Things Tuesday

1) I really hate when doctors reschedule appointments. Especially when it occurs 15 minutes before said appointment.

2) I’ve used up so much time for doctor appointments I’m kinda freaked out about what i’m going to do for the rest of the year.

3) Still no response to my email from DCF.

4) Its so hot and muggy here the AC is on full blast…so much so that its actually hard to hear people on the phone.

5) important meeting this afternoon. perhaps i should prep?

6) wonder whats in the cafe for lunch…while also thinking about the (turkey) sausage and peppers we’re having for dinner.

7) I’m wearing my very favorite pumps today.  I usually have an ocd rule about wearing a different pair of shoes each day of the week, but I already wore these yesterday…i’m considering buying a second pair so i’m not technically breaking my rule in the future.  yes, i have a problem.

8 ) We currently have 3 dogs and 2 cats. its a zoo.

9)   Andrea wants to go to a baseball game tonight but its SO HOT.  i already suffered through her softball game yesterday and need a break.

10) off to get lunch!

One Comment to “Ten Things Tuesday”

  1. #7 made me LOL. I’ve worn the exact same pair of black shoes to work every day for the past 3 years (except for on rare occasions, when I switch to the brown version of the same shoe). I am SO breaking the rules!

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