My new relationship with my phone

I’m sure you fellow foster/adoptive parents already know what I’m talking about simply by the title of this post.  I’ve never been a phone person.  In fact I despise actually talking on the thing and find it much more useful for texting/emailing.   In the past I’d let calls go to voice mail 99.9% of the time – even if it was my mother…especially if it was my mother.   I just hate taking calls.

Well, when you become a prospective foster parent, this all changes.    My phone is now glued to my hip, checked multiple times a day, and the ringer is on full volume.  I just can’t risk missing THE call.  And since I never know what number this mysterious call is going to come from, I’m forced to answer that comes in.  Well, except for my mother’s; she has her own special ring tone. 

Last week I got stuck talking to 3 different solicitors.   On Friday, a lengthy conversation with my dentist’s chatty receptionist about the chickens she’s raising (she was just calling to confirm an appointment).  And, curse of all curses, this morning I answered an unknown number that turned out to be my former hair stylist wondering why I hadn’t made an appointment in a while and if I was seeing someone else (holy awkward – I’m really not good at break ups). 

::sigh:: the lengths we go through

One Comment to “My new relationship with my phone”

  1. Oh, I so get it. I was insane about having the phone near me. I took it to the bathroom with me, we forwarded our house phone to our cell phones whenever we left.. it was crazy but we wanted all bases covered. I truly hope you get that magic call very soon.

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