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July 30, 2009

Should I be mad or glad?

Over the past couple days I’ve been speaking with the social worker who did our home study.  And ready for the shock of all shocks?  HE called US without a prompting voice mail/email/or nasty gram of any kind.   Apparently he was missing some information for our home study.  The home study that he wrote 3 months ago. That’s an entire season ago.  I mean, when we had our home study it was dreary, rainy April – and now its…well, its dreary, rainy July – but you get my point.

Why in the world didn’t they realize they were missing this info 2 1/2 months ago?!  Well my friends, its because my home study has been bouncing from desk to desk in these past few months. 

Here’s a little flow chart of the craziness we are dealing with:

Home study completed and written by a social worker who has been contracted by CA.FAP (remember them? They are the CT Asso.ciation of Fos.ter and Ad.optive Par.ents) →

Homestudy then gets turned into a supervisor at CA.FAP who reviews → 

It then gets bundled with the homestudies of our classmates and sent to D.CF (department of chil.dren and fa.milies – its CT’s version of C.PS) →

DC.F reviews homestudies and marks all with suggested changes/requests for additional info →

back to CA.FAP they go →

and finally back to the contracted social worker to make the changes → 

he’s spoken to us and will update our homestudy to be turned into CA.FAP by Friday →

then CA.FAP reviews (again) →

then its back to D.CF for review and approval (lets pray no more changes).

The initial review took 3 months – anyone want to place bets on how long this second review will take?

So now I’m left feeling unsure about whether I’m mad that it took them this long to ask us for some very basic  info (which by.the.way. was included in our application information AND first interview), or if I’m glad that someone is actually looking at our file and it hasn’t fallen into a black hole somewhere.

July 30, 2009

Going shopping in my basement

This has been sitting in my basement for years…left over from my college days when I believed that putting string lights on anything would make it pretty. ::shudder::

Well, when we picked up a climbing rose for the garden, I decided it now had a new purpose.  One can of spray paint and an hour spent wrestling off the shelves later, it looks like this:

House 195

Not bad considering it saved me from buying a real trellis.  And here is the as-promised other side of our garden re-do:

House 194

Forgive my weepy plants; it was a particularly hot day and they were definitely not looking their perkiest.