Ten Things…Thursday?

And because I’m feeling extra mushy, you’ll soon see that these are all part of my ever-growing list of things I love about my better half.

1) She likes my cooking better than anyone else’s

2) Her kisses really do make boo-boos better

3) She’s got an amazingly special bond with our oldest pet, Mickey

4) I’m always allowed to try a bite off her plate, even without asking

5) She makes friends in traffic. Literally chats it up with the person in the car next to her.

6) She’s never afraid to show what she’s feeling

7) Kids think she’s the coolest, most fun adult ever

8 ) She’s so much more likable than i am

9) I can still feel her hugs 10 minutes after they’ve ended

10) If she could, she would eat Mexican every day of her life

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