Ten Things Tuesday

1) The farmer’s almanac said that this would be one of the rainiest summers on record for New England.  It baffles me how they predict such things, but so far, they are right.

2) Despite #1, the sun is out and I’m feeling good.  A walk to the park during lunch might be in order.

3) The S’s (along with a fun little group of friends) are going camping this weekend! First time all summer.  we’re such bad lesbians.

4) Number 3 made me think of our changing relationships with friends.  Shifted focus to growing our family has had a profound effect on our friendships.  Some have strengthened, some have been strained.

5) We have a couple friends (well, really more like acquaintances or friends-of-friends) who are transitioning.  Thus, the trans conversation has come up quite frequently.  

6) Sometimes I’m astonished by the ignorance and prejudice that is present within the gay and lesbian community (see #5).

7) So far on my camping packing list: marshmallows, chocolate, grahams, deck of cards.

8 ) Andrea joined the gym I (infrequently) attend last week.  I’m hoping this will encourage me to go more since the #1 reason for me skipping is b/c I want to spend time with her.  Two birds, one stone.

9) I hate my entire wardrobe.  Getting dressed is like nails on a chalkboard (or in my case, the sounds of styrofoam ::shudder::).

10) I’ve gotten to hold/play with/smooch the cubby cheeks of a baby every day for the past 5 or 6 days.  This makes me a very happy girl.

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