We’re Back!

I’m taking a break from my 151 emails (151 was after I sorted/deleted those that didn’t require an immediate response. oh the joy) to wave hello!  We thoroughly enjoyed the break from work (hence the 100+ emails) and a week filled with cuddles, naps, good food, friends, and occasional sunshine.  The vacation couldn’t have come at a better time and we appreciated every second of it.  

And what’s better than a week at the cape?  Seeing two of your closest friends get married at a stunning organic farm in VT – that’s what.   We had such a blast, it was far and away the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding.  Following the ceremony and a delicious dinner, everyone changed into comfy clothes,  ran and played in the sprawling green lawn, and gathered around a bonfire with sweet or funny or scary stories to share.  PERFECT ending to a beautiful week.

Many, many pictures to come! But for now, back to those emails….

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