A new timeline

I was finally able to speak with a rep at CA.FAP (who knew where my file was….) and I got an update on our foster status.  

First off, our whole process was delayed because CA.FAP (the private agency that the state contracted w/ to do our training and home.studies) wanted to send all files over to DC.F together.  So, even though we rushed like crazy people to meet all of our requirements and have an early home.study, we had to wait on everyone else in our class to finish theirs before we could move forward.  frustrating.

Okay.  So now, they plan to have all the files transferred by the end of the week.  And at that point she said it would take DC.F two-ish weeks to assign us a caseworker, get our names in the system, and possibly match us with a child.  I’m thinking it will take an act of God if all that actually gets done in two weeks.  So, maybe we’re looking at a placement in another month?

I’m going to need to find a few more projects to distract myself…


One Comment to “A new timeline”

  1. I’m sorry you have to wait, it’s maddening.I remember thinking we were never, ever, going to get a call. It is so hard. I hope that phone rings soon.

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