There she is!

CD1, Cycle #2

As suspected, Andrea’s not pregnant.  So, we’re on to try #2!  I’m feeling really good about this try for a few reasons:

1) Its always good to have the first out of the way.  Now we know what to expect without those first-time jitters.

2) Even less of a chance that a pregnancy will interfere with BIL’s wedding next January. If this  works, due date wont be until March so we should be good! Bonus: due date might actually fall on my mom’s bday. that’s kinda cute.

3) We’ll be on vaca for some portion of the tww. definitely the way to do it 🙂

3 Comments to “There she is!”

  1. I’m loving your positive attitude. Onto #2!

  2. oh yes I think P town will make the 2ww much better. Doesn’t P town make everything better!

  3. Sorry #1 didn’t work out, but it looks like you have some good things going for #2! A vacation during the tww sounds divine!

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