Perhaps I should provide an update?

Today is CD30 (14DPO) and Andrea is 2 days late. 

She’s had 27/28 day cycles every single month since her first. But here we are at CD30 with negative preg tests at 11, 13, and 14 dpo.  Confused? So are we.

I think we’re gonna have to start temping again for next cycle. There is just too much unknowing in between the days without it.

2 Comments to “Perhaps I should provide an update?”

  1. our first cycle was so messed up. I was three days late I think and it drove us crazy. The midwife said it was totally normal for that to happen. Just the stress and excitement of the whole thing finally happening. I will still keep my fingers crossed…you never know!

  2. maybe “stress” reaction? temping can’t hurt!

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