I broke down and called…

So, its been about 3 weeks since we’ve completed our foster certification without any word from DCF. So, this morning I called “to make sure they have everything they need”.  Which really means: what’s taking so long? Why the F haven’t we gotten a call if you’re so desperate for homes? Why was it such a rush to get the paperwork done and in just to wait for 3 weeks?!?

And her response? “Can you call back this evening? I can’t seem to find your file at the moment.”

::bangs head on desk::

3 Comments to “I broke down and called…”

  1. Oh no, that is AWFUL!!!! Good thing you called, though, so they can get on it. Grrr…

  2. UGH. I feel you pain. The waiting just about killed us. It was awful to watch our friends get placements and sit empty. I cried daily.

    I know your phone will ring soon and it will be the perfect placement. Hugs headed your way. I know how hard this is.

  3. ::cringing::

    i am one of those people with a messy desk.

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