I’m Back!

just with 4 less wisdom teeth…

The surgery itself was a breeze – or maybe I should say a dream, considering I was out cold for the entire thing.  All I remember of the procedure is: “This is going to pinch a little”.  Of course the hours, and days, to follow were not such a dream. Hot damn, I have never felt pain like that before.  Now I understand why my boss said she’d rather have 5 more kids before having another wisdom tooth pulled.  I’ve pretty much been in a medicated stupor these past few days.  Today I’m feeling about 10x better – only 3 pain pills today AND I ate rice!!  Big day I tell ya 🙂   Now if i could only open my mouth wide enough to fit in my toothbrush, I’d be a happy happy girl…

Off the topic of my personal pain and misery, we finished our foster certification!! whoo hoo 🙂 and Andrea is thriiiillled to have her Saturdays back, lol.  So, we’re now at the point of just sitting tight and waiting for the phone to ring.  They estimated about 3ish weeks for paper juggling, getting names into the computer system, ect., so we’re not holding our breath.  But, it sure would be nice to get a call.  I’m just so anxious to meet our first placement.  Will it be a boy or girl? How old? Will (s)he be active? quiet? have dimples? stay long? just a short visit? 

For a type-a planner like me, this is the ultimate practice in patience.

2 Comments to “I’m Back!”

  1. Congratulations on the rice and getting licensed! I hope your phone rings soon. P.S. I am trying to get to the post office and mail your goody. I suck, so sorry. P.P.S May I have your password?

  2. wow, i wonder what was different about mine. i had one removed (not impacted) and it was relatively painless (after Novocaine and one Tylenol w/ codeine that night 🙂 ) Hope you’re feeling better!!

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