So, I’m having wisdom teeth surgery this Thursday.  I’m feeling really nervous for a number of reasons but lets not dwell on that.  What I’d love is some advice for how to prepare for the coming weekend. Specifically, recipes 🙂

On Saturday we’re supposed to bring a dish to share with our foster class. Some kind of main-course type thing that doesn’t require a microwave or oven.  I’m thinking crock pot chili or pulled pork would work well – any other ideas? 

Then, on Sunday we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with my side of the family.  My dad is grilling kabobs and I’m responsible for sides and dessert.

Normally these cooking assignments would be no biggie. But like I said, I’m having my wisdom teeth out Thursday morning.  I’m very allergic to a number of meds and have had a bad reaction to every pain killer I’ve ever taken.  So the tricky thing is that I have no idea if I’ll feel well enough to get out of bed….never mind prepare a bunch of dishes.  Plus our weekend is jam packed with dinner plans Saturday evening and a potential trip to Boston Sunday morning.

So, I’m looking for suggestions that will be easy to prepare ahead of time (as in, make tomorrow and will keep until sat/sun) OR are ridiculously easy to throw together.   Total I need a main course for foster class, a dessert for Sunday, and one or two side dishes that go well with kabobs.

Ideas? Suggestions? Help?!

5 Comments to “Logistics”

  1. Sorry, I don’t have suggestions about the food but I wanted to say good luck! I personally had a horrible wisdom teeth extraction experience, but mine was a bit more involved than most people’s experiences seem to be. Hopefully you can find a pain med that works and some easy to prepare foods!

  2. For the recipes the pulled pork sounds good and pretty easy. For Sunday how about strawberry shortcake. You could make the shortcake ahead and then just whip some cream and chop the strawberries and be done. It is yummy and really easy.
    To help with your recover when I got my wisdom teeth out (4 impacted) A Dr friend told me to do the following things. 1. Don’t lie down (I slept propped up on pillows) this is so the blood does not pool at your surgery site and cause swelling(pain) 2. Ice round the clock. She reccomended filling surg. gloves with water and freezing them. They then fit right around your cheeks and keep the swelling down. I used a head band to keep them in place and my Mom changed them every few hours. I also took a homeopathic remedy (can’t remember which but can find out from my cousin who is a hebalist) that reduced swelling and bruising.

    I was eating a quarter pounder with cheese the second day and only took the tylenol with codine one day. Hope this helps

  3. Don’t stress too much about the wisdom teeth. When I had mine out I was eating real food the next day. I don’t think I took any heavy pain killers, but I might have had a vicodin (not sure). Have extra ice cream on hand and enjoy the guilty pleasure 😉

  4. I found that McDonald plain cheeseburgers was a good post surgical meal. You can tear the cheeseburger into bits and chew lightly. It gives you protein, carbs, and diary. 🙂 I did this, and then was told by an oral surgeon friend years later that he reccomends them – the only time he recommends McDonalds! I had a ton of swelling, but little pain after the first day.

    What about crock pot mac and cheese? I can send you the recipe if you are interested. Easy peasy. 🙂

  5. Good luck with the surgery. Just rest as much as you can and use it as an excuse to be waited on hand and foot! 🙂

    As for food, I’m no cook, but it seems that potato salad keeps well over an extended period of time– maybe something to make ahead and hold in the fridge?

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