Update On Operation Impossible

We didn’t quite make the deadline the state was hoping for.  However, we did complete the following:

– Andrea went to social security to request a new card…should be in sometime in the next week

– I went to the doc had my physical, blood work, and ppwk completed (Andrea was up to date on hers)

– Copies of our entire lives made and faxed

– our SW stopped by twice more this week so we could complete additional paperwork (one was an adoption form…hmmmmm…)

– our home.study is officially complete and in the hands of DCF, and

– we met with all of our references, had them fill out questionnaires, and all have been mailed/faxed to the state


The last major task comes next Wednesday when our two cats have a check up with the vet and we’re able to get the animal health forms completed.  Only one more training class left and we’re officially a licensed foster home!!! I can’t wait!

2 Comments to “Update On Operation Impossible”

  1. Good work! Hmmm why the adoption form???That could be interesting!

  2. you got a ton done!!

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