Its May?! Already??

My slightly more private and paranoid wife has requested that I password protect all posts having to do w/ baby makin and anything else that we might not be sharing widely with folks in our every day lives (coworkers, family, friends, you get the idea).  So, from now until we can announce a pregnancy to all those we love, I will be utilizing the password protected posts. 

But lets get on with it, shall we?

1) How the heck is it already May?!? I’ve been dreaming of this month to come for so very long. But now that its here? omg.  We’re both freaking out a bit.  How can we not be? In a little over a week, we’re going to be trying to make a baby. Holy crap.  For the record, today is CD3!

2) We’re ready. 3 vials of sperm have been purchased and will be shipping to the Midwives’ office next Wednesday (overnight delivery putting it there on Thursday).  Buying sperm was an interesting endeavor for us.  We knew what to expect as we’ve seen friends go through the process….check the catalogue at all the banks, request detailed reports, writing samples, essays, pictures, voice samples, ect ect ect.  Woah.  The thing is, we are not selecting a father for our child, we’re just buying some sperm. 

So here’s my confession: it took us about 10 minutes to pick a donor.  And Andrea didn’t even read the report we got on him.  We saw no pictures, and really have no info on him other than his medical history.   The only criteria we based our selection on is: pregnancy rate, healthy (incl CMV -), good family health, and red head.   We even compromised on that last one. 

Its not that I dont understand why people pour over as much information as they can get, i mean, this is a big deal! But, all that just wasn’t for us.  I guess I’m one of those nurture over nature kind of gals.  I cant help it, i’m a trained psychologist.   Plus, we’re faced with an interesting paradox considering that our other child/children will be foster or adopted, in which case we will have had no say whatsoever over their genetic make up.  In most cases, we’ll have ZERO  information on the bio fathers.   So laboring over the choice of a sperm donor just didn’t exactly feel appropriate – for us.  

3) I’m overly hopeful. I can already feel it. This could be bad.  How naive of me to think that we’d be cool, calm, and collected over this whole thing.

3 Responses to “Its May?! Already??”

  1. Stay cool as long as you can. Then when you start to stress it will be for a shorter time. It is fun, exciting and stressfull all balled into one. You will have you highs and lows just roll with it! Good luck

  2. I’m really glad to read what you had to say about picking a donor. We have browsed somewhat, and truly part of me just wants to say – pick any healthy redhead out of a hat!

    As you said, we’re not picking a father, we’re just buying sperm. As far as whether they like sports or art or whatever… I mean, my main interests are not shared by my parents, so does it really make any difference? Probably not. And it makes 100% sense to kind of compare the situation to any children you may foster/adopt – are they going to be any less yours or loved because you don’t know what color eyes their father had or whatever else? Of course not.

    I’m so excited for you both and can’t blame you for feeling overly hopeful. I know that these are not actually the mathematical odds, but to me, every insem is 50/50 – either it will work, or it won’t, and it’s anyone’s guess which it will be. Just try to relax and think baby-welcoming thoughts 🙂


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