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April 28, 2009


On Sunday the SW left with us a packet of forms that needed to be completed and mailed back….this packet included vet forms for each pet, physical forms to be filled out by our doc, recommendation forms from our references, and a long list of copies they needed to confirm info (ss cards, marriage license, pay stubs, ect ect ect).  Its tedious, but no biggie, we’ve got until the end of May, right?

Wrong.  I just got a call from our SW, who had gotten a call from the state, wondering where our info was.  Huh?!

So, by the end of the week (although they would prefer by the end of the day), I need to have the vet fill out 3 animal forms including check ups for 2 of them that are due, have a physical w/ my doc and get him to fill out our forms, have our 3 references (2 of whom are our bosses!) fill out a questionnaire, make a bajillion copies, AND go to social security to get a proof of ss card for Andrea because we couldn’t find it this weekend. 

I dub this week: Operation Impossible. 

Maybe some begging and tears will help me get all the appointments necessary?