Timeline of a home.study

6:30am – Get out of bed. of course I’ve been tossing and turning for hours in anticipation, but now the dog has to go out.

8:30am – House has been completely swept and mopped. again. everything dusted, wiped down, put away. Nursery checked. and checked again. then just once more.  showered.  dressed. changed outfit.  twice. lawn watered. pets fed. coffee started, fruit sliced, and muffins are about to come out of the oven. 

9:00am – Social worker arrives.  Jeans and a Harley tshirt. he’s shorter than I pictured.  unusually soft hands.

10:00 am – halfway through signing and dating huge stack of papers.  geez, this is worse than closing on our house.

10:30am – struggling to remember the names and birth order of all my aunts and uncles for the genogram.  My family tree takes 45 minutes to complete. Andrea’s takes 10.

11:30am – chit chat about childhood, major life events, how much I love my wife, what its like to be gay.  surprised by how few of the questions have to do w/ parenting. complete personality test, discuss results, apparently i’m a green – the wife’s a blue.

12:30pm – give the house tour. he seems to be more interested in the attic and basement than the nursery. oy, men.

1:00 – he welcomes us to “the underworld of the foster community” and says good bye.  nice guy, no doubt he’s great with kids, but he’s a little odd.

In summary? The home.study went well! I don’t foresee any issue “passing” and we’ll get a copy of his full report in a couple weeks.  He did tell us that all the paperwork is supposed to be completed by May 23rd and we’ll likely be getting calls for placement around the first week in June.  I’m really glad he told us since its a little later than we thought and now we wont be sitting around worrying for 3 weeks of no calls.

As of now all the big hurdles have been cleared! Aside from some final paperwork and our last 2 classes, things are really finishing up. The end is in sight, and it feels great 🙂

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