Want to see who won the crib debate?


Oh, come on – like there was ever any doubt?

ps, aren’t these onesies the sweetest? Andrea is worried our home inspector is going to think we’re crazy, but i’m goin with it 😉


And be sure to stay tuned, I should have semi-finished nursery pics up this weekend!

4 Comments to “Want to see who won the crib debate?”

  1. I love the crib, but I am biased since I have the same one LOL! I think the onesies are fantastic and the SW will too, I bet.

  2. Very cute!! Love the onesies.. where did you get them?

  3. Congrats on winning the crib debate, though I never doubted you would! What a wonderful sight!

    I love the onesies– especially the “i am a miracle” one (it’s on my wish list :)).

  4. thanks all!

    the onesies are from cafepress.com 🙂

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