My sweet wife just called to inform me that our good friends from high school are pregnant!! This news is not uncommon in our group, however, it is especially thrilling this time because these dear friends have struggled with IF for a couple years and making the switch to IVF was a tough decision for them.  I’m soooo glad it paid off! And now I’m dying to get the head count 🙂 Andrea’s hoping that their maternity leaves will overlap so she’ll have some company. I guess we’ll see!

Exciting piece of news #2 is that our is scheduled for this sunday. As in this weekend. Just a handful of days away.  In my mind, we have soooooooo much to get and do to be ready, but the interviewer assured us that as long as we have the basics covered we’ll be fine.  Have I mentioned our house is not yet baby-proofed?! I’m gonna have to work on that….right after I install 3 more fire detectors and a carbon monoxide detector in the nursery…..thank goodness my evenings are free this week, its going to be a busy one!

ps – what the heck is up with the formatting of my “running timeline”?  I tried everything to get the on the second line but its not working. Any ideas for me? Please? My type-A personality will obsess over this all day.

One Comment to “Thrilled!!”

  1. Congrats to your friends and good luck on your home study. It’s nerve wracking but you will be fantastic 🙂

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