1/2 Way Done

We finished our third class this weekend which means we’re exactly 1/2 way there! This week’s class covered two topics: race and discipline.

I think its great that they discuss race as placements are often trans-racial (i definitely did not come up with that word).  But, the key point of the unit was:  Race Matters.  Counter-intuitive for the PC generation I was raised in, but its true.  Children must be taught about their heritage and background; they must be taught to respect their skin color; they must see other faces that look like their own, and be offered role models of all shades.  As much as “we’re all the same deep down”, in our society, identity is heavily tied to race and its okay to recognize, appreciate, and accept those differences.   And this is where I become very grateful for our diverse group of friends – Lord knows I’m in no position to teach a daughter how to be a strong black woman or a son what it means to be a Latino male, but when the time comes, he or she will have an extended family who is more than willing to pick up my slack and for that, I’m incredibly thankful.


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