Cookies for Soldiers

Not that you’d ever know it by reading this blog, but I’m a hobby junkie and many of those hobbies have nothing to do w/ diapers, cribs, or car seats – imagine!  One of my favorites is baking, so when I stumbled across Opera.tion.Ba.king.Gals, I knew it was for me.  Basically every month I’m assigned the name of a soldier who is stationed overseas and I get to try out a bunch of new cookie recipes without the temptation of having them in my house for days. 

To be honest, I did think it over once or twice before putting my name on a team considering my beliefs and feelings about the war.  Its no secret that I’m ultra liberal, have a distinctly non-violent stance, and despise many of the decisions made by our former president with respect to Iraq.  I’m a gay feminist, but my vote in November was based primarily on end.the.war.NOW.  But, forgoing politics for the moment, the fact is that there are 1,000s of Americans who have dedicated their lives to serving the country I call home who are now feeling lonely, forgotten about, and unappreciated.  If spending a few hours a month baking cookies brings a smile to a person far away from everything they know, then its the least I can do.   Our beliefs might differ, but I respect these men and women – not to mention, its good for me to practice what I preach.

And while I step off my soapbox, here are some pics for your fancy…


Easter M&M Cookies:


Peanut butter Shortbread (minus the usual chocolate drizzle):


Chocolate Crinkle Cookies:


Yuuummm 🙂

This plate represents the handful of each I saved for Andrea, and I ended up shipping a total of 9 dozen cookies! Maybe it’ll last ’em a week?

One Comment to “Cookies for Soldiers”

  1. I’d never mail them if they looked that yummy! 😉

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