Our first casualty

This weekend we got cracking on refinishing an ugly brown dresser to be used as the baby dresser/changing table.  It was a free hand-me-down from our very first apartment and the poor college years.  The old guy was in rough shape, but I could see the potential. 

So, Sunday morning we cleared the room, put out the drop cloth, and began by sanding the 5″ of shellac plastered onto the wood.  It was a tough job, and just as i was coming to the end, I dropped the sander onto my (bare) foot. OUCH.   I now have a large gash and fair amount of sandpaper-burn on the top of my foot…not easy to pick out shoes this morning, let me tell you.  The good news is: I didn’t need stitches. The bad news is: Andrea will no longer let me use power tools without supervision.  What a party pooper.

In more pleasant news, Passover and Easter conveniently provided the perfect time to tell both sides of the family about our foster plans.  The news was met with much excitement and many questions – all in all a great response.  Its crazy to think that the next time we see some of them, we may have a child in our care!

5 Comments to “Our first casualty”

  1. ouch! Sorry about the foot! Glad everyone is excited!

  2. Sorry about your foot! Too cute that Andrea won’t leave you alone with the tools now – you both need to be injury free to take care of little ones 🙂

    And so glad to hear that the families were excited about you fostering!

  3. Noooo….power tools are a must!! 😉

  4. you did what to your foot?!? oy lol .. too funny– reminds me of a certain finger incident daaaangerously close to your wedding…. hehe

  5. yeah….you’ll never see me try and claim i’m not accident prone 😉

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