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April 8, 2009

Some People Have No Filter

Yesterday evening I was completing my wifely duties and picking up some basics at target (you know, go in with 2 items on your shopping list but come out with a full carriage).  As I was waiting in line, I could feel the nosey lady behind me taking inventory of my purchases which included OPKs – two boxes, on sale – onsies, bibs, and wipes, among other things.  The intrusion on my shopping privacy was annoying enough….but then she opened her mouth: “WOW.  A little one at home and you’re trying again already, huh? You’re brave!”  Please note that she said this in such a loud voice that everyone in our line and the two on either side looked over. 

I was totally caught off guard and responded with a half-truth:  “Uuuh, no.  Actually we’re foster parents but are trying for a biological child.”

And this is where I thought the “friendly” exchange was over.  Boy was I wrong.

Instead I got: “Can I ask you something? If you can have your own, why would you take in other people’s kids?”

Remember now, the entire check out line is staring at me, awaiting response, so my first instinct of ignoring her isnt an option.

“Well, its a big need that has to be filled. There are more than 6,000 children in CT that don’t have safe homes.  I love helping kids and providing a few with a loving, secure home is the least I can do.  I think its more of a question of ‘why not’ than ‘why'”

And then it was my turn to check out – thank God.  The things people say! It never ceases to amaze.

April 8, 2009

Step One

In the nursery transformation looks like this….



(the bedding looks a funny color in this pic – the first picture is more accurate)

 Its amazing how much cozier a room looks with curtains and a couple pieces of art.


To Do for Step Two:

  • refinish ugly old brown dresser w/ new hardware
  • add crib
  • for goodness sake woman, everything in that room need steaming!