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April 6, 2009

The baby makin begins!

Today was our first meeting with the midwife group who will be knocking up my wife.  All-in-all a pretty standard doctors visit – we expected it to take 40 minutes, in actuality, it took 2 hours – like I said, a pretty standard visit.

One of the great things about going the route of a midwife vs. RE is the bottom line assumption that everything is working great and you’ll get preg without much trouble.  Super.  But.

Because of this, our lovely midwife was really pushing us to stick with one IUI per month for the first few months while we had all but decided to do 2 IUIs our first month.  Yes its more expensive. Yes its entirely inconvenient considering the office is 90 minutes away. Yes it may be unnecessary. 

However, May might be our only child-free month so we’re really wanting to hedge our bets and make the most of it.  Considering childcare and all the other schedule-tightening that comes with a baby, it’ll be much more difficult to get up to Boston past May.  So, we went back and forth with the midwife and left it at “I see no reason why you would need more than one your first month, but if that’s what you want to do, we’ll do it – its your money” (this was a friendly banter, of course. we each appreciated where the other was coming from).    So, we’re gonna go for it and I’m trying, trying, not to get my hopes up.

Off to buy sperm!