just a bit of inspiration-gathering….

And my next craft project (i just LOVE this idea):

4 Comments to “Daydreaming…”

  1. They are all stunning. I especially love the second one, especially when we TTC and I get my girl lol!

  2. You have great taste!

  3. WOW! What site did you find these on??

    The crib in the second pictures is killing me! If you’re looking for me, I’ll be on the floor, dead, from how adorable that crib is (okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic…but seriously!).

    And I love the tree art – so simple, but such a great impact. Such a great DIY!

  4. These lovely teasers are from HGTV rate my space – i spent hours on that site gathering design inspiration when we first bought the house, i LOVE it. The second pic is from an interior designer (thus i have no idea where the crib is from and i’m sure its $$$$), but all the others are regular people with decor skills i completely envy!

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