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April 2, 2009

The great crib debate of 2009

ding, ding, ding

In this corner we have Andrea, purse strings clenched tightly, vying for a free crib offered by very kind friend.  Her strengths include:

  • its free
  • its free
  • its safe
  • what more do i need? its free

In the opposite corner we have Elise, stomping feet on floor, wishing she had just purchased the crib when she had a chance.  Her points include:

  • the free crib is not white
  • and, its not cute
  • free crib may be safe now, but we wont be alerted to recalls in the future
  • very kind friend has not yet transitioned her toddler out of the free crib
  • i really, really want the other crib

Place your bets now people.  As history shows, there is a clear favorite 😉