Let’s talk diapering

Has anyone out there in blogland tried gdia.pers and want to tell me how it went?









I’m awaiting delivery of my g.diaper starter kit along with some fuz.zi bu.nz.  I have no expectations going in of how much we’ll cloth diaper, g.diaper, or disposable diaper, but I like the idea of having all three options at my fingertips to try out.  And hey, if we’re able to save our landfills from 40 additional disposables then I’ll be happy….if its more – great. We’ll just have to wait and see!

While we’re on the earthy crunchy mom topic, I’m also hoping that my homemade baby food book will be waiting for me in my mailbox today.  Its actually sad how excited i am for it to come in 😉

3 Comments to “Let’s talk diapering”

  1. While I can’t share any first hand accounts, I can share some good links…

    Babble included gdiapers on it’s Babble Best list of cloth diapers:

    And Inhabitots has a great review of them:

    We are planning to try them too.

  2. Thanks! It was definitely nice to read that review from a real mom.

  3. I am all about making babyfood but we have some organic on hand for any surprise calls. Let me know if you like your book. I am eyeing one from Williams Sonoma. I really want to cloth diaper using organic AIO’s but haven’t managed to convince S yet. I like Under The Nile, so soft.

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