Babies need a lot of stuff

I’m still trying to decide if baby shopping is fun….I think at this point its just overwhelming.   Especially considering that my “baby” could be age 6 weeks – 5 years, boy or girl, with any number of delays/disabilities or none at all.  Oh yeah, and this shopping should be completed in the next 4 weeks so we can schedule our home study.

Well, now that I’ve gotten that little vent out of the way, I can share what is fun: cribs.  Cribs are fun and cute and the root of all my baby day dreams.  Here’s the one I’m pretty sure I’ve we’ve decided on:

Its the Ash.leigh. Convertible, drop-side, white, and inexpensive: aka everything i was looking for.   And I’m really enjoying the slight sleigh style.

Once we got that decided we moved on to car seats and strollers.  We spent Sunday evening test driving, reviewing, and debating different options in 3 different stores and ended the night  without a single purchase.  There’s just too much out there!  But after some research I’ve decided we’re going to try out the following “system”:

– Snug.ride infant excellent safety ratings and reviews at a great price.  The only reason I havent purchased yet is b/c the prices vary based on the pattern.  The cheapest pattern is cute but i’m in love with a more expensive one. So, i’m trying to convince myself that the money saved will be well worth it in the end.

– to go w/ the infant car seat we’ll get the sna.p ‘n g.o….the moms on my local rave about it, and i found a new one on craigs.list for $25. sweet deal.

– For an older kid I’m really liking the Nau.tilus 3 in 1….its a convertible car seat good for 20-100lbs.  Cant beat that! And its inexpensive with good ratings. Unfortunately its not very cute, imo, but i havent found anything better so its still on the list.

– And, for the older kid stroller, I found a Savv.y Soho 2.200 on craigs.list for cheap.   I dont know if I’ll love it, but i’m sure it’ll be better than the travel system stroller that comes with the infant car seat. I’m really holding out for a Jeep – we do so much hiking and walking, it’ll be great for the summer.

So, thats were we stand with the travel – i think its a good start, no?  We’re also getting some of the basics as hand me downs from generous friends such as: a pack n play, swing, high chair, bouncy seat, whole bunch of girls clothes, baby toys, ect. 

Oh man, i thought typing it all out would make me feel better, but i think it just made me realize how little I have!  I”m gonna go buy those glass bottles off of ama.zon to make myself stop hyperventilating now….


6 Comments to “Babies need a lot of stuff”

  1. We have the same crib! Great minds think alike. I love it, so easy to assemble. I am desperate for the changing table now…

    It can be overwhelming when you don’t know what is coming your way. We are still just buying random things in random sizes, just in case. Don’t buy a carrier, someone gave us two and I think I will be more of a sling girl. I have been saving one for you. Oh, we also have 2 wipes warmers. One has your name on it, should you want it.

    So exciting!!!!!

  2. you are so sweet to think of us! thank you so much!!

  3. sounds like you aee on your way. Like the crib very cute. You seem to have the same disease as I do. I can’t stop researching baby stuff. I think it may be better to have a short time line. I must say that I keep changing my mind over and over again. Oh do you know about

  4. No! but i’m sure i’ll be shortly addicted now that you’ve introduced me 😉

  5. Just an FYI – recently there have been safety concerns about the drop-side cribs…most major crib manufacturers have decided to stop making them (and voluntarily, at that.) We were about to go with a Graco dropside until I saw those reports and that changed my mind. Just something to be aware of, in case you hadn’t read about it!

  6. Hi Nicole – thanks for the comment and words of warning! I have read that there are increased safety concerns with dropsides and they are slowley phasing them out. We weighed our pros and cons and went ahead and ordered the crib, but its always better to have all the information and I’ll certainly be keeping an extra eye on those screws and hinges to make sure it stays safe!

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