We passed!

Yesterday was our home inspection and interview with a social worker from DCF.  Our stomachs were in knots all morning awaiting the appointment but it was all for naught – the meeting was a breeze!

The home inspection itself was all of 15 minutes and at the end the SW confessed that the minute she walked in the front door she knew the home would be fine.  The bulk of the time was spent discussing the interview questions….lots and lots of them from our beliefs about discipline, to our experiences with drugs/alcohol, to how we feel about taking in a child that is HIV positive (yikes, right?).   We must have answered correctly, though, because the feedback at the end of the meeting was that we seemed to have a lot of experience,  realistic expectations, and a strong marriage. awwwww.  My heart fluttered when she said we would be “just perfect” for a the program.

I’m ready to be a mom – bring it on!

One Comment to “We passed!”

  1. Welcome to Blogland! I knew you would pass with flying colors 🙂

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