Introducing the two mommies to be….

Just a couple of dykes trying for a tyke…(or two, or three).

4 Comments to “Introducing the two mommies to be….”

  1. Great picture! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. So glad you’ve decided to join the blogsphere!

  3. ohmygosh lol thought that was offensive?? *sigh* I have much to learn… (it’s one of those.. “if you are one you can say it but if you’re not. don’t even dare” type things huh?) haha

  4. nah – its all about context, words themselves arent offensive, its just the meaning behind them that can be. also, its important to “reclaim” the power of a word. ie: if i call myself a dyke, then others cant use it against me in a hateful or negative way, and I’ve taken the power of that word away from them.

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